Osservatorio Asia is an organization born from the close relarionship and collaboration between representatives of the business and academic worlds for the ongoing analysis of the economic ties between Italy and Asia.

Osservatorio Asia’s goal is to spur Italian entrepreneurs into gaining a better awareness of Asian markets.
Osservatorio Asia promotes various projects under the supervision of a Scientific Committee (conferences, seminars, research, educational courses, editorial projects) with the goal of providing support to the internationalizaiton of Italian companies.

Osservatorio Asia’s Annual Conference

Osservatorio Asia’s Annual Conference is held every year in November. Since 2004 it has represented an impossible-to-miss event for companies, institutions, the press, professionals looking for new intellectual and operational stimuli for their work in the Far East.


2004, Bologna “China. Some of them made it.”

2005, India and China: Diversity as an opportunity
2006 Investing in Asia

2007, Torino, “China meets Italy”.

2008 Asia beyond GDP. Companies beyond export.

2009, Asia through the crisis: goods, capital, ideas

2010, Finance and Markets in Asia

2011, Earth and Water. The Asian Response to Scarcity

2012, Asia: The New Challenges Following the CCP Congress and US Elections.

2012 has been a year of institutional changes and confirmations, in Europe, China, and the United States. The crisis has forced countries to negotiate, but has reduced the margins for compromise. Even as situations change, both the need for negotiated solutions and opportunities for companies remain constant.