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Osservatorio Asia’s research and study activities are promoted and coordinated by the Scientific Committee, consisting of a pool of representatives of the academic world, businesses, finance, legal studies, and communications.


  • Alberto Forchielli
    (Entrepreneur, President of Osservatorio Asia) 
  • Romeo Orlandi
    (economist, Far East expert, President of Osservatorio Asia's Committee) 
  • Tomaso Andreatta
    (chief Representative in Indochina for Intesa Sanpaolo)
  • Filippo Aleotti
    (president, Investindustrial SpA)
  • Alberto Bazzan
    (expert in corporate management, sustainability strategies, marketing, business intelligence, cultural differences)
  • Federico Bazzoni
    (managing director, Equity Sales Division of CITIC Securities International) 
  • Valentino Blasone
    (Raw materials purchasing manager, Foreign purchasing operations coordinator, Gruppo Natuzzi) 
  • Roberto Fabbri
    (managing director, S.I.B. Consulting Singapore) 
  • Renato Fiocca
    (marketing expert, professor, Università Cattolica di Milano)
  • Zhen Gao
    (managing partner, Mandarin Capital Partner) 
  • Lelio Gavazza
    (chemical engineer, Cina Country Managing Director for Bulgari Commercial Shanghai Ltd, Supply Chain expert)
  • Katia Gruppioni
    (Communications and international relations manager for Sira Group, pubblicista, Cina expert)
  • Luo Hongbo
    (vice director, European department of the China Academy of Social Sciences of Beijing) 
  • Jean-Francois Huçhet
    (economist and sinologist, University of Rennes 2) 
  • Andrea Lipparini
    (Networks and districs expert, Università di Bologna)
  • Gabriele Menegatti
    (Ex Italian ambassador to India, Japan, and China. Advisor to the Chinese State Administration of Cultural Heritage) 
  • Sauro Mezzetti
    (president, Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce – Chennai)
  • Pietro Modiano
    (presidene, Carlo Tassara S.p.a.) 
  • Giuliano Noci
    (marketing expert, Politecnico di Milano) 
  • Giovanni Polvani
    (Lawyer, Studio Gianni, Origoni, Grippo, Cappelli & Partners) 
  • Giorgio Prodi
    (economist, Università di Ferrara) 
  • Riccardo Rossotto
    (Lawyer, studio legale R&P Legal) 
  • Beatrice Spagnoli
    (journalist, communications expert) 
  • Marco Spinedi
    (economist, expert in logistcs and transport in developing nations and Asia) 
  • Lorenzo Stanca
    (managing partner, Mandarin Capital Partners)
  • Marina Timoteo
    (expert in Chinese and Japanese law, professor, Università di Bologna) 
  • Ugo Tori
    (East Asia expert, ex Managing Director of multinational corporations, consultant for important international lobbying and business development groups in Asia and Italy) 
  • Elena Forchielli
    (research fellow)


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Alberto Forchielli e Romeo Orlandi
“Notebook from China (and much more)”
Publisher: KKIEN Publ. Int
Price € 2,49

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