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Osservatorio Asia can field specialized expertise in Italy and the world to stimulate research that can be an essential tool for companies.

Osservatorio Asia is a catalyst of resources for research.

Osservatorio Asia does not have researchers of its own, but for each projects it selects and finances the most appropriate specialists (primarily academic) for the specific type of research.

Osservatorio Asia’s projects are coordinated by a Scientific Committee, made up of entrepreneurs and academics, with the task of certifying the quality of the projects. It also guarantees that the results of the research are useful and relevant to the business world. In specific cases the Scientific Committee can become involved in the research activities, but never substituting the academic component.  

The backing of Univerrity research, the lack of fixed costs, and connections with businesses are the three pillars of Osservatorio Asia’s projects.


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Alberto Forchielli e Romeo Orlandi
“Notebook from China (and much more)”
Publisher: KKIEN Publ. Int
Price € 2,49

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