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Notebooks from China (and much more)

Written by Alberto Forchielli e Romeo Orlandi
Pubblished: KKIEN Publ. Int.
Price € 2,49, Size 980kB. Year 2014.

A careful look at what is happening in the vast Asian continent made up from two authoritative observers of that world to give us, in real time, a picture of what is about to happen and what direction is taking the colossal China and Asian countries in general. This volume is composed by articles that encompass different topics: economy, politics, society, culture; clear and detailed focuses, supported by an active and long-time in those countries by the authors. Alberto Forchielli, founder and partner of Mandarin Capital Partners, a well-known face in Italy and abroad is one of the most distinguished scholars of Asia and its many souls; Romeo Orlandi is a university professor in Bologna teaching "Process of globalization and the Far East" and is active in several consultations aimed at the Asian world. Along with they direct Osservatorio Asia, a think tank created by a collaboration between representatives of business and academia to continuously analyze the economic relations between Italy and East Asia. This publication is the first in a series that starts the collaboration between Osservatorio Asia and KKIEN Publishing International, in which will be presented periodically updated and in-depth Notebooks from China.

Alberto ForchielliBorn in 1955, Alberto Forchielli is an expert in international business development, drawing on 30 years of experience around the world, with a focus on China and India. He is currently Managing Director of Mandarin Capital Partners, which he founded in 2006, in addition to being a Partner and member of the Investment Committee. Holding an MBA with Honors from Harvard Business School and a BA cum laude in Economics from University of Bologna, his other activities include Cleantech srl, a renewable energy company of which he is Founder and President, and Osservatorio Asia, a non-profit Research Center focusing on Asia of which he is also Founder and President, In his spare time, Alberto writes a weekly newsletter “Shanghai Notebook” on Radiocor Il Sole 24 Ore, Italy’s leading business media, and holds weekly interviews on the Chinese economy on Radio 24 – Il Sole 24 Ore and on Radio Radicale, in addition to publishing a blog in both English and Chinese. When he is not traveling across the globe in support of his various activities, he likes to relax at his family home in Imola, Italy. Originally from Bologna, Alberto’s work has brought him all over the world: Singapore with Finmeccanica, Washington DC with The World Bank, Luxembourg with the European Investment Bank, Rome with Gruppo IRI, Boston, London, Santiago and Lima for the Mac Group, and Hong Kong and Shanghai with Mandarin Capital Partners.

Romeo Orlandi, Scholar for China, Asia, Globalization. ROMEO ORLANDI University professor, lecturer, essayist, researcher, manager, strategic consultant for China, Asia, and Globalization # Bologna University. Faculty of Economics, full courses on Globalization, New Markets, Far East Economies # University lecturer for Master’s programs throughout Italy (Luiss, Alma Graduate School, ISPI, ICE Italian Trade Agency, Institute for Brazil and China Studies, etc.) # Keynote speaker at international conferences (China, USA, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa) # Osservatorio Asia. Organization of international conferences, book publishing, researches, training courses # Media. Author of books, articles, essays on economic, political, Asian and globalization themes on leading italian and chinese media # Consultancy. Strategic consultant for International Institutions (World Bank, EU), local governments, manufacturers’ associations, private companies . - See more at:

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Alberto Forchielli e Romeo Orlandi
“Notebook from China (and much more)”
Publisher: KKIEN Publ. Int
Price € 2,49

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